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Robin Stankowski
Professional Organizer, Owner
Professinal Organizer, Robin Stankowski

Robin Stankowski, Professional Organizer & Owner of RLN Organizing, LLC is a Member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) and the Greater Philadelphia Chapter and stands by NAPO's Code of Ethics.  Robin has held numerous board positions of NAPO-GPC.

Her degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Moravian University coupled with her experience as a Human Resources professional as well as a manager of a veterinary hospital has given her the skills to handle sensitive issues, all types of people and situations.  


Robin founded RLN Organizing, LLC in 2003 in Atlanta, GA.  In 2006, she relocated back to the Northeast where she is from and settled in Bethlehem, PA.




My passion is to help people free themselves from the chains of clutter and get their life back!

Robin Stankowski


A message from Robin...


I truly believe that I was born to organize.  I was a "pleaser" as a child.  I would run around the house before my parents got home and clean and straighten up as if I did something wrong. I am the weird one who loves walking into a cluttered area.  I get a kick out of it! 


I also love making people feel better and helping people take control back.


I have found that most people are ashamed of how or why their space is the way it is.  I provide compassion without judgement.  My focus is to get it to a place where it is functional again. 


My idea of organization may be different from that of someone else.  It's not how I want it, it's how YOU need it to be so that it is functional and it brings happiness back.  I promise to help you see things differently and truly see your space for the first time.

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